The Farm

The Farm

Hilmy Estate

At Hilmy, we believe through and through that wine is made in the vineyard.  We strive for quality in farming, and work to achieve harmony amongst the factors contributing to quality winegrowing.

Vineyard Management

On our proprerty, we abhor the unthoughtful application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and avoid those to the extent that we are able. We are not “Organic,” and will likely not strive for such designation, but we do what we think is best for the wine and for our land.  The natural compost applied between the rows is turned and fermented on the property. Insects are devoured by the flock of Guinea Fowl, while another Texas vineyard menace, white tail deer, is kept at bay by a pair of Great Pyrenees.  For the most part.  Our approach is certainly difficult to pin down.  We take from the best of what we know, attempt to learn as much as we can, from the earth as well as tradition, and simply discard whatever is left over without so much as a second thought.


We personally hand-harvest our Estate Vineyards at dawn, and bring the grapes in small containers directly to the winery.  We hope this minimizes premature browning of the fruit and allows the vineyard its best opportunity to truly shine.  The result, eventually, ought to be a wine that offers a pure expression of our site.  So far, we have not been unhappy with the wines, even if they aren’t commercially available at present.


Hilmy Estate Varietals include Petite Verdot, Sangiovese, Tempranillo & Tenat as follows:

Petit Verdot

2,000 vines on 1.5 acres

planted Summer ’12

vines maturing



3,000 vines on 3 acres

planted Summer ’09

2012 vintage in barrel

2014 vintage in barrel


672 vines

planted Summer ’10

vines maturing



1,500 vines on 1 acre

planted Summer ’12

vines maturing