the FLOCK.

the FLOCK.

the FLOCK is your seat at the table.  It’s a reservation.

Being an agricultural product, wine production levels are uncertain.  the FLOCK, wine club, is a group of people who enjoy the Hilmy style of winemaking, and want to be sure to receive each product that is released with certainty.  By joining the FLOCK, product is reserved in one’s name.

Members of the FLOCK are ensured a seasonal supply of Hilmy wines in quantities of 3, 6 or 12 bottles per seasonal allocation.  Each allocation features a wine or wines selected by Erik Hilmy, that will usually be unique to that allocation.  It is our goal to share each and every Hilmy wine released with the FLOCK, reserving the number of lots needed to fulfill reservations.

FLOCK exclusive wines are those made specifically for FLOCK members only.  These wines are made with artistic care in small quantities, producing just enough for each member who opts-in to receive them.

By joining the FLOCK, you guarantee yourself a seat at the table.

Membership Details & Benefits


There are 4 annual FLOCK releases: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
Quantity selection of 3, 6 or 12 bottle reservations are made during the enrollment process.




Members may “Opt-In” to receive FLOCK exclusive productions made up to twice per year.
Many people ask if they can “opt-in” later, once they know what is released.  The quick is answer is yes, you may.  However, we target making enough for the current enrollment, so there is a chance that there may not be enough to offer this option up once the reservations have been filled.


Enjoy exclusive invitations to harvest, bottlings or festivities surrounding new releases & allocations of Hilmy wine.
We love to celebrate our productions, and enjoy sharing those joys with our loyal members of the FLOCK.


Active members (and up to 3 of their guests) enjoy complimentary tastings while visiting the TASTING ROOM at Hilmy Cellars – this is our way of ensuring FLOCKers can stay tuned with how their wines evolve in the bottle.


Active members qualify for FLOCK loyalty pricing at the following rates:

15% off wine purchases
20% off 6-bottle purchase
25% off case of 12

Members become active upon receipt of their first allocation.

Membership commitment is 1 year (4 allocations), with automatic renewal.

The cost of each allocation is determined by the retail bottle price, less the FLOCK loyalty discount.  FLOCK exclusive wines are priced with the discount applied.

To join the FLOCK, complete this form  (must be over the age of 21). You may also apply in person.
Once your entry is received, a reservation for the next allocation will be made for you.
Your membership becomes active upon your first allocation.

Shipping Details

Members may choose how they wish to receive their wine. Delivery methods are: Pick-Up at the TASTING ROOM at Hilmy Cellars, or ship via UPS.


PICK-UP Details:

Allocations are carefully packed in carry-out packages and ready for pick-up beginning on the first date of release for that particular allocation. Members are encouraged to pick-up on the date or weekend of release in order to enjoy the celebrations surrounding each release. If that’s not possible, allocations will be held for 60 days, after which they will be re-packed and shipped based on quantity at the shipping rates charged to us:

SHIP Details:

Allocations are packed in wine-shipping boxes and sent via UPS beginning the Monday after the release. Tracking #’s are sent via e-mail to the members e-mail address on file. Someone over the age of 21 must be available to sign for the package because it contains wine. If this is not possible, shipments may be held at the nearest UPS location for pick-up at the convenience of the member. Many of our members chose to have their allocation shipped to their place of work.

* Note:  because extreme weather may compromise wine quality, we will ship allocations when temperatures fall between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Weather falling outside this temperature zone may delay shipping.

Terms & Conditions
  • Must be over 21 years old to be register. By signing up for FLOCK membership you are confirming you are over 21.
  • Adult (over 21 years old) signature required at delivery. Please designate an address for shipping where someone over 21 will be present to sign during normal business hours (many people list their business address). No PO Boxes allowed.
  • Your card will be billed automatically for discounted price of wine/shipping (if applicable). No email notification will be sent PRIOR to processing your payment. There will be an email notification sent with information about the wines you purchased, including pick up information and shipping, after processing. By signing up for the FLOCK you authorize Hilmy Cellars to charge your credit card for each shipment until directed otherwise by you.
  • Members are signed in for a minimum of 4 allocations and membership is automatically renewed each year
  • Must notify Hilmy at least 30 days prior to release date with any changes or cancellations.
  • Wine will be shipped (and the shipping fee charged) if not picked-up within 30 days.  However, if weather dictates, your purchased, not picked-up wine will be held until temperatures fall within 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit prior to shipping.
  • Once the order is processed, wine is considered purchased even if returned.